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Instead of having basements, houses constructed generations ago had damp and musty cellars that were used as storage space for perishables such as apples, fruit preserves, jellies and other vegetables used for cooking, The cool and consistent temperatures provided by the dirt floor made it possible to store foods for longer periods of time even without the use of refrigerators.

The new methods in building construction and foundations used nowadays have allowed basements to be an integral part of today’s modern living space. The area typically contains the water heater, furnace, laundry machines and other essential utilities that are too big to be installed upstairs. Recent trends however, expanded the space into more than a storage space for big household equipment because today, basements are often renovated and redecorated into a more feature rich and family oriented environment such as a home theater, studio, game room and craft or exercise area.

Homes in Benzie County are sitting on a useful space that many homeowners choose to ignore: the basement. One of the reasons why many basements are neglected and cannot be transformed to a new record room or bedroom is because of its damp environment due to leaking water. So before you can do any renovations, you first need to find the perfect way to keep the water out of the room.

Installing proper insulation

Although Benzie County is not among the areas where rain falls most time of the year, the basements of homeowners are by nature, damp and cool, because it is located below ground level. Such problems can also be attributed to heat loss, porous walls that allow water and cold water to seep in, and poor foundation and drainage system that causes water to enter the basement.

Installing insulation walls is one of the best solutions available for such dilemmas. Attaching pads on the walls of your basement makes the room more comfortable by preventing heat from escaping and controlling the moisture to lessen its dampness. There are three ways of doing this: attach insulation pads from the outside, from the inside of the structure or attach the pads to the middle of the foundation itself.

The best option for homeowners would be insulating their basements from the inside since it’s a cost-effective way of keeping the room cozy and comfortable. If the house is still in the planning and construction phase however, homeowners have the option of choosing between external and middle insulation.

Basement renovations

If you are in need of an extra room but don’t have the time and money to go through the tedious process of selling and buying homes, the next best option that you have would be to renovate and consider home additions. This may cost you a lot of your money and time thus, making it unpractical for those who are on a tight budget. But, having a basement can change everything since it can offer the space that you need.

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