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Safety In Excavation

The excavating industry utilizes heavy machines and different techniques that have their own particular feature. Before the topsoil is uncovered by machines, contractors are required to draw a scaled site plan that shows the edges of the excavation area. Back then, this step is done by using tape measures to make an approximation of the area but today, an electronic total station that sets up a grid for dividing the site is used for measuring the area before excavating.

Excavating houses, trenches and clearing dirt out for the construction of roads and subdivisions are done by contractors specializing in excavation. They will be the one in charge of planning and providing the heavy equipment necessary for excavating the top soil for construction purposes.

Growing Benzie County

Benzie County, a rural area in the U.S state of Michigan is a favorite vacation destination for many families. The clean inland lakes, high quality natural rivers, 59,000 acres of state land and over 10,000 acres of a beautiful national park, make Benzie County an exciting place to play in and explore. The increase in the number of tourist visitors annually also caused an increase in the demands for cozy accommodations and other artificial tourist attractions. This resulted to business-minded people investing in the excavating business.

Anyone who is part of the excavating business should always have presence of mind and common sense to avoid any accidents in the workplace. Trench boxes are used for holes, regardless of the depth, since excavating can be dangerous and deadly because the holes can cave in at anytime.

Equipment and safety precautions in excavation

The local government of the Benzie County requires excavating contractors to make sure that all their heavy equipment are working and that they apply safety precautions that are of International Standards. To meet this, excavating companies make sure that they apply trench shoring for their projects. This is done to make sure that the walls of the excavation area are securely braced to prevent them from collapsing. Not only will it save their workers from danger, but their expensive digging equipment are salvaged as well. Another faster and easier solution that excavating companies could use would be hydraulic shoring, wherein hydraulic pistons are extended out against the walls of the excavation area. This is preferred by many construction workers since it reduces the load of their work.

Trenches used in excavating can vary in width, length and depth, depending on the kind of construction job that it will be used for. The stand up time of the trench shields is another important factor that excavating companies should strongly consider. The stand-up time basically, is the amount of time that the trench shield will stay open from the time it was constructed, to the time it is filled.

The growing population and tourist industry in the State of Michigan, specifically in Benzie County, has allowed the excavating industry to grow as well. Excavating companies however, should always keep their employees’ safety in mind always because a safe working place should never be compromised for profits.

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