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Grading in construction is the process of making a level or slope base for different construction works such as foundation for a building, base course for railways and roads, for garden and landscape improvements and surface drainage.

A short introduction on land grading

Before pursuing land clearing projects and grading, its environmental impact should be taken into consideration. Contractors, as required by the law in any state, should integrate proper planning to reduce loss of topsoil and land erosion resulting from clearing and grading.

Heavy machines and equipment such as bulldozers, tractors and backhoes are required for large land clearing and grading projects. This makes the work easier, faster and cheaper since renting such equipment is cheaper than paying for manual labor to clear the trees and stumps prior land grading.

Drainage issues

Heavy rains can sometimes cause water to pool on your property and not only would this be annoying to clean later on, but it can also damage the plants on your backyard. If your house has no proper drainage system, you are posing serious health issues by allowing stagnant water to be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. To channel the water properly, you can hire contractors who can do land grading and design the proper setting and contouring for your property.

People living in Grand Traverse County have no problems in looking for the best contractors in the state. Contractors specializing in land grading know how to deal with surface drainage problems and lead the water away from your house by sloping parts of your properties, walkways and patios.

Constructing a swale in your backyard is one of the best ways of leading the water away from your home. A swale is a subtle drainage ditch in which the land at the stream edges is sloped downwards landscaped to be higher than the running water. You also have the choice of doing landscape grading together with the swale drainage construction so that the water, instead of running down the slope, will just dissipate eventually.

Since the land in Grand Traverse County is uneven, there would be times where land grading and construction of swales is not enough. In this case, a perforated pipe leading to another area can be installed to allow the water to enter and be led away from your property. This will require your contractor to compute for the right size of the pipes to efficiently carry the expected amount of water during a heavy rainfall.

Last few words on landscape grading

There are many ways to effectively carry out landscape grading but one of the most important factors that both the homeowner and the contractor should consider is the property’s landscape design. Doing so will not only give you a worry-free drainage system, but an aesthetically attractive landscape setting as well. If in any case drainage problems arise in the near future, you can always do landscape grading and drainage construction again but of course, with a bit more difficulty and money involved.

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