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Snow Removal

Snow removal is one of the biggest dilemmas people living in Traverse County face during the cold months of winter. The bigger the property and front yard that you have, the more work and snow you are required to tackle. Many homeowners until now, fail to recognize strategies they can use to make their work not only easier, faster and with more efficiency, but also with less chances of injury and property damages.

Old fashioned snow removal

Doctors are often visited by patients complaining of back and muscle pain and injuries during the winter season. This could be attributed to the fact that many homeowners are unable to utilize good techniques in snow removal such as warming up and stretching before doing any hard work to prevent the muscles from getting stiff in the middle of their work. Homeowners should also remember to push snow aside instead of lifting, to reduce the stress applied on their back muscles. If it is necessary to lift heavy loads, make sure that you lift with your knees instead of your back. Doing so significantly reduces the risk of sustaining muscle and back injuries.

Snow blowers

Residents of Traverse County are happy with modern technologies such as snow blowers, since the snow removal process is made easier and faster. Homeowners with larger properties are especially happy with using snow blowers since they don’t need to excruciatingly shovel heavy snow out of their driveways. However, it would take a lot of your physical effort to maneuver and guide the heavy snow blower.

Snow Plowing

Homeowners who have larger and wider driveways have the option of buying a plow that they can attach to their trucks, or hiring a plowing contractor to do the snow removal for them. Doing so can will make large scale snow removal done in minutes. A good plowing company can do the job safely, more efficiently and at the same time, without causing damages to your driveway. If you think you can handle the snow removal job yourself, you can invest your money in a durable plow which you can easily attach to your truck. Before using one, make sure that you have done your research on effective snow plowing strategies and proper angle placement to get the most out of your new equipment.

Use of chemicals

If you prefer letting science do the snow removal job instead of sweating it out, you can opt for surface treatment. This is done in the form of anti-icing or de-icing by using salt or brine to decrease the melting temperature of the ice. The local government of Traverse County prefers the anti-icing process, wherein the hot brine solution is applied on surfaces before snow season starts.

Removing snow from your property during the cold winter season should not be considered a burden but rather, as a form of exercise. As long as you know the proper techniques to incorporate in the snow removal process, shoveling snow out of the way can be done in a breeze.

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